COWTOPIA LIVE in singapore! 20 april 2062

Hello space cadets!

Thank you for actively participating in the long awaited COWTOPIA LIVE.

The key concept of Cowtopia was to enrich self understanding of leadership through serious game play. Cooperative game design for participants to communicate and adapt to the changing environments.

With these key factors:

  • Clear Goals
  • Clear Rules
  • Progress Tracking
  • Self-organizing

Our favourite moment of the game was when space cadets had to dance to maintain flight stability! As change is constantly happening, participants had to adapt and adjust their plan accordingly to ensure mission success.

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Scenarios and game play are designed for participants to experience and learn about agility, product design, leadership. Which is suitable for all levels of team disregarding seniority and positions.

What was the most challenging moments?

  • Start the building
  • Create more backlog item
  • Manage_risk
  • Planning
  • Thinking Straight
  • Lack of information
  • Chance element
  • Dying early
  • Too exciting to control space
  • Understanding the rules
  • Bringing the idea to life
  • Priorities

Complex, Complicated, Chaotic, Clear. How do we exercise decision making range as we progress in our career? COWTOPIA provides a realistic situation for participants to practice and learn whilst having fun. 

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”70 COWS and 1 BULL, 7000 POOP VALUE!” 

– Cowtopia’s current top record.

Participants shared one idea that sparked for them and one shift to make in their daily practice

  • Challenge the norm and look at different ideas
  • Be Chill
  • Visualising the work
  • Idealism and practicality. Know the difference

Curious for More?

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#COWTOPIA‘s next in-person session is scheduled for Sunday 15th May 1pm SGT – Join us for a lunch and play date!

Tickets available at

Join in the Mooooo…

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