COWTOPIA : What is it?

First conceived in 2016 during professional engagements to help teams learn about agility, product design and development, COWTOPIA Mission to Mars is a online game by The Collab Folks. It’s designed to help product teams learn about themselves and how agile concepts, design and product development can help them accomplish their mission. 

What mission?

The Goal: Save Planet Earth from methane emissions in Year 2056

How? Send ONE MILLION EARTHLY COWS to Mars by 2060


This is going to be a fun, high-energy learning experience built in Miro, so get ready. You don’t want to miss this if interstellar travel has been a dream of yours. 

COWTOPIA is open source

This work is distributed under a

Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0)

This work is based on COWTOPIA, published as an Open Source, Free Cultural Work via the CC-BY license from Creative Commons. If you create a derivative work based on COWTOPIA, please mention the author “The Collab Folks” and website when using this work. COWTOPIA is based on lego4scrum by Alexey Krivitsky.

That’s all we’re asking for.