COWTOPIA MISSION TO MARS : 13 october 2061 – Successful lift-off with 60 adults and 2 kids on board with miro apac community

When Isman Tanuri reached out back in early September if the #COWTOPIA team would be interested to share about the game with Cows, Space Dragons and Mars to save our planet from methane-geddon at Miro APAC community, the team quickly responded with some zany laugh and learn ideas to get us ready.

We achieved a historic session with 60 adults, 2 kids space cadets and 7 co-facilitators in collaboration with MIRO APAC Community!

Here’s the proceedings!


COWTOPIA was formed in client workshops back in 2016 as an idea to bring innovation into product manageement. We ran this in-person sessions for many years in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia and eventually with COVID last year, a few of us took time to assess what we had learnt and decided to re-launch it as a online game in late 2019. Miro naturally came as our first choice of toolset together with Canva for quick prototyping.

We ran community sessons in support of We Can Academy and quickly aligned with the facilitators in the community who wanted to learn and play together about how we approach chaos and have fun at the same time.
This group has now roamed together helping send many cows into space and we are excited to play with you this evening.

[ Lots of MOO’g from audience when COWTOPIA starts … this is perfectly normal]

Visit COWTOPIA Earth


Share one idea sparked and one shift you want to make to your practice to your work/life:

  • Move together with confusion to survive with Chaos!
  • Setting up a team agreement
  • Be clear on the goal and the constraints
  • Moo!
  • have a draft pad vs actual launch pad so we know what is in the pipeline
  • communication and collaboration is a great items for starting workload

#COWTOPIA community game sessions are in support for We Can Academy
We Can Academy runs a program for students from low income neighbourhoods where professionals like software engineers, economists, journalists etc teach students real life skills from their industries through highly interactive lessons.

If you like COWTOPIA, consider making a contribution to We Can Academy.

Your contribution allows We Can to provide high quality education that helps kids from poor neighbourhoods broaden their future perspectives and build confidence they need to navigate the world.


YOUR #COWTOPIA Facilitators
Starring (by order of appearance)

With many MOO thanks to our Space Council

AND MOO love to our

  • MOO-loving COWTOPIA Space Force Practitioners who helped moved POOP through Earth and Mars
  • clients who provided opportunities to experiment and brings cows into companies

Interested to facilitate or learn more about #COWTOPIA?
Join us in the space council! Fast track applications here


Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0)
This work is based on COWTOPIA, published as an Open Source, Free Cultural Work via the CC-BY license from Creative Commons.

#COWTOPIA is open source
This work is distributed under a

If you create a derivative work based on COWTOPIA, please mention the author “The Collab Folks” and website when using this work.
COWTOPIA is based on lego4scrum by Alexey Krivitsky.

That’s all we’re asking for.

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