COWTOPIA MISSION TO MARS : 15 April 2061 – Successful lift-off with 22 on board

What was the most memorable for you?

  • Zeepanda_was_funny
  • The_story The_random_events The_agility
  • The_launch_of_rocket the_game
  • Game_scenario_cards Chaos Dynamic_circumstances
  • Graphics Drawing Launc
  • confusion fun space
  • Funny_jokes_and_questions Childlike_curiosity Fun_workmates
  • Moo
  • fun laugh lol

How would you describe COWTOPIA to someone else?

  • Fun
  • Crazy Pooptastik Let’s_get_shit_flying
  • It’s_fun Trust_the_process
  • Seriously_fun_simulation
  • Weird Fun chaos
  • strange unusual interesting
  • Sprint_Simulation Fantastic Collaborate
  • doit

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